• Discover the problem، provide appropriate
    solutions and methods

    “Jiras” is a consulting and local center for management solutions. As a prudent and caring man who walks in the ancient Castle of Iranians in the magnificent palace of his thought, identifies and resolves possible mistakes in solving problems with his tact. With such a source of awareness and knowledge, the king of any Territory will proudly enter and reign in the undisputed corners of history.

    Farzin" is another name for Queen in Chess. That in Persian translated to Minister. Jiras is actually the Real “Farzin” for business start-ups.

  • Sustainable companionship,
    with a focus on HR
    Jiras not only offers a solution to the problem, but also sees the body of the organization as a place to Discover the problem, provide appropriate solutions and methods and move on the path of creativity and innovation. Jiras Counseling is for success in life chess, considers the organization's human resources the most valuable asset and strives to be part of the process of creating added value for the organization that is the Jiras family and not necessarily a loyal customer.
  • Development-oriented, technological and creative look, practical advice

    Jiras interacts and consults with organizations that have set their goal to achieve production-oriented and creative results. Providing the right method to get on the bright path of development and technology is very important for consultants of Jiras Company.

    The field of goals and thematic segmentation of Jiras audiences is knowledge-based companies, start-ups, innovators and idea makers, and on the other hand, successful organizations, and finally the general consumers of services and products of companies covered and interacting.

Mission Zhyras

Jiras Management Consulting Center has been established so that managers have a more accurate definition of organizational goals, visions, success and progress.

This center intends to correct the incorrect traditional frameworks of Management area with a different approach to management, advertising and communication

Giras Management Consulting Center in the form of proposed packages has targeted the recovery, optimization and continuous improvement of the organization.

ماموریت ژیراس

Vision Zhyras

In Jiras, we are proud of our work as a present the solution to the people's problems; As we have learned and saved a lot in this long distance. Jiras has been like a student who always being in the workshops and Now as a teacher try to teach to newcomers.

We believe that instead of a reactive approach to problem solving, we should be smart, Vigilant and problem discoverer before economic institutions become inefficient.

In its bright mirror, Giras's aspiration reflects a developed society that its organizations will be useful in the future. This highly productive society will lead the Childs of Iran to a future full of success so that the new generation will be proud to have effective tools to meet their social goals.

Products & Services

مشاوره و پژوهش

Consulting and research

Jiras Management Consulting Center provides consulting in economic and administrative fields. This consulting takes place in strategic management, human resources, financial, technical and engineering consulting and capital raising. Jiras is active in government agencies and Start-up's innovations.

مستند سازی


Jiras records scientific documents by consolidating and complete them. These documents are under the Analysis of Jiras experts in scientific, economic and administrative fields. Compiling and presenting a vision document, as well as presenting scenarios and documented processes of sales and market development are other activities of Jiras in documenting.

نظارت و ارزیابی

Monitoring and evaluation

Jiras Management Consulting Center is developping in the field of evaluation by preparing a standard checklist for evaluating affairs, monitoring the implementation process of organizational processes and providing a model of appreciation, praise, punishment and reprimand based on active evaluation.